Keynote Speaker

Veronika Stoffova
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia

Modelling and Simulation in Education and Research
The lecture presents long time experience of the author in use of methods of computer modelling and simulation of systems in education and various fields of science and research. Modelling and simulation of systems is a research method for acquiring new knowledge about the modelled object based on the results of simulation experiments. The relevance of acquired knowledge is ensured by an exact mathematical model of the system defined on the subject of the study. On the example of modelling the dynamics of different systems, the author presents the unlimited possibilities of this research method. A well-implemented mathematical model can substitute a real object and allow by simulation experiments to study its properties to gain new information and knowledge about the object being modelled. On the basis of relatively simple mathematical models, many dynamic phenomena and processes can also be presented for didactic purposes. Thus, there are phenomena and processes that are already well known, are exactly mathematically described and are the subject of education. Using by parameters controlled animations, it is possible visually present the results of simulation experiments. Well-planned and accurately implemented simulation experiments allow the users to study the effect of changes of model parameter values on behaviour of the modelled object. Alternatively, they can discover and test the properties of the modelling processes based on researcher’s own observations. Visualization also helps to correctly understand and interpret the experimentally obtained results. In education, the learning process itself can be an object of modelling. Where the aim is to streamline the learning process and improve it. Simulations are now often mentioned in the context of deep learning (learning by understanding, discovery learning, research learning, problem solving learning etc.) Especially in the field of technical, natural and economic sciences.